White Lake Lakefront Contemporary, $537,000

  |  November 29, 2012

Could the photographer have picked a more dreary day to take pictures of this house? The grey sky certainly does this grey contemporary no favors, and yes, it’s kind of, well, boxy, to be perfectly blunt. But don’t let the drab color scheme fool you. In our minds, we’re picturing this White Lake house against the backdrop of clear blue skies and sparkling waters, a breeze lazily pushing those nifty swings hanging under the deck to and fro, while tiny soft waves lap against the shore…and possibly painted a different color.

Romanticizing aside, the interior is respectable: Nice living room with doors opening onto the lake, hard wood floors, etc. The bedrooms are a little meh, but, aside from the deck situated on the water, it’s the kitchen that sells it. But as you can see, it’s close to the road. Really close. Right on it.

White Lake Lakefront Contemporary, $537,000

 13 West Shore Road, White Lake LandWatch GMAP 

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