Zak Pelaccio Brings a Taste of the Hudson Valley to Los Angeles

  |  April 11, 2017


Have you taken a deep dive into the Spring 2017 edition of Upstater Magazine yet? If so, then you no doubt recognize the name Zak Pelaccio, chef/owner of Fish & Game in Hudson, Columbia County. “What Does This Place Taste Like?” delves into the particulars of Pelaccio’s new book, Project 258: Making Dinner at Fish & Game. And, according to a recent blurb on LA EaterPelaccio’s take on cooking with Hudson Valley ingredients will making a one-night-only appearance in LA on April 25th at Animal, just in case you happen to find yourself in LA that day or already live and are looking for a taste of the Hudson Valley on the west coast.

The multi-course dinner goes for $75 per person with a $40 wine pairing. Or, you could head over the Fish & Game in Hudson if you’re here in New York. Or, you can pick up Pelaccio’s book – described as “part cookbook/part guide” – and bring that Hudson Valley taste home with you, no matter where you live.

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