A Big Yard in Kingston for Your Small Family (and a brick beauty, to boot), $164,500

  |  March 8, 2016
47 third ave kingston ny

Take a look below to see how much yard you get with this 2-bedroom house. It’s about a quarter acre, or two healthy-sized residential lots’ worth. That’s a fair amount of space situated on a tidy Kingston street populated by other brick houses. Speaking of the neighborhood, it’s close to both the Strand and Kingston Point Park, which we mentioned yesterday as one of Kingston’s overlooked gems and the new Kingston Greenline Trail. All in all, a seemingly-perfect fit for a first-time home buyer looking to purchase more than just a postage stamp with their new home.

47 third ave kingston ny2

Check out the inside! Its openness gives the 1300 square foot interior a feeling of greater spaciousness, with tons of new features like the kitchen appliances, wiring, plumbing, on-demand hot water system, furnace, and central air conditioning (central A/C y’all. Do you know how long we’ve dreamed of such a thing in our own home?). This is a great bargain for what you’re getting (a monthly mortgage payment of less than a grand is a possibility here) in one of our favorites places in all the land: Kingston, NY.

47 third ave kingston ny3 47 third ave kingston ny4 47 third ave kingston ny5 47 third ave kingston ny6 47 third ave kingston ny7

47 Third Avenue, Kingston (Coldwell Banker Village Green)


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