Well-Kept Little Western Catskills Bungalow, $65K

  |  February 16, 2018

Here’s one for the bargain-hunters: A tidy, three-bedroom Western Catskills bungalow…

Don’t let the facade fool you: There’s more room in this 1950s bungalow than it seems. Two floors and 1,795 square feet of space, to be exact, and an extra half-bath. The house also comes with new paint, new carpeting, attractive wood floors, and a tidy kitchen.

western catskills bungalow

According to the listing, which doesn’t offer a lot in the way of information, the upstairs portion of the house is unfinished. It doesn’t look too shabby, however, if the photos are to be believed.

Could be a bit of a tight squeeze. Expect to do some renovating. Also on the renovation list: The back patio. That’s a outdoor space with potential, but it’s weathered. Lot size is a quarter-acre situated in the village of Liberty in Sullivan County. If you’re unfamiliar with this area, it’s situated in the midst of the former Borscht Belt, where summer resorts once reigned supreme.

Liberty NY is home to Grossinger’s, the quintessential Catskills resort, which now sits in dilapidated ruins. Upstater is fond of Liberty. Find out why here.

Looking to dig deeper into this Western Catskills bungalow? Find out more about 25 Champlin Avenue, Liberty from Keller Williams.

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