This Week on Upstater: With Love (and a Low Listing Price), Liberty NY

  |  November 6, 2017
low listing price liberty ny

Here’s LLPLNY (Low Listing Price Liberty NY) #1: 100 Carrier Street, Liberty – $119K

Get Ready to Love Liberty NY

In 3 Things We Love About Liberty NY, we explored a handful of reasons to give the village of Liberty a closer look. This week on Upstater, we’ll be giving you even more to love about Liberty in the form of some low-listing price properties on the market.

Located in central Sullivan County, about 90 minutes due west of the Hudson River, Liberty has a population of 4,400 residents, a number that’s dwindled over the past four decades since the Borscht Belt resorts —like Grossinger’s in Liberty—closed their doors.

Did you know that Grossinger’s Resort had a ski mountain?

Nevertheless, Liberty persisted.

Thanks to scrappy residents who refuse to allow their town to be forgotten, Liberty has a lot to offer. These days, you can find art, antiques, a damn good slice of carrot cake, and historic buildings and homes, although some could use the tender ministerings of a loving caretaker.

So, consider this our call to you, dear reader, to consider showing Liberty some love in the form of community investment. Buy a home and live there. Buy one that needs TLC. Buy a storefront and transform it. Hire Liberty residents to work there.

This week on Upstater, put your money where your mouth is and spend some time looking to Liberty with love.

What to Expect from Liberty NY Properties:

*Low listing prices on village and town residential and commercial properties (median listing price: $80K), as well as some foreclosures.

*Gorgeous western Catskill Mountains environs (Livingston Manor, Roscoe, Parksville, etc.)

*Lower property taxes than its southeastern neighbor, Orange County with a comparable distance to NYC (less than 2 hours)

*A variety of home styles including mid-mod and contemporary Ranches, turn of the century Craftsmans, and vintage Victorians and Colonials, lots of them in fixer-upper shape.

Ready to Love Liberty? Stay tuned for Liberty NY properties all week long on!


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