Max Yasgur’s Dairy Barn, $1.95 million

  |  November 15, 2013

613 west shore road bethel ny

You know how some people say that Nicholas Cage married Lisa Marie Presley because he was such a huge Elvis fan that he wanted to obtain the ultimate collector’s item? This is is sort of how we picture this barn, located in Bethel: If you’re a huge 1969 Woodstock history buff/fan, Max Yasgur’s dairy barn might be your ultimate collector’s item. Currently set up as B&B, the barn sits on the location of Woodstock ’69, which was (for our younger readers) on Max Yasgur’s farm. Once upon a time, Mr. Yasgur was the largest dairy producer in Sullivan County, and when the locals caught wind of his allowing a bazillion unwashed hippies to decent upon his farm for a three-day concert, they tried to boycott his products. Meanwhile, it’s not like Yasgur wasn’t getting paid for providing a site for the event. The rent the organizers ponied up for his barn helped offset the rough production year he just had. Anyway, as you can see, the barn has been extensively renovated to accommodate a B&B (although we’re scratching our heads over the 1 full bath, 5 half-baths info in the listing), and it’s walking distance to Bethel Woods. Here’s what the barn used to look like in the old days, with Mr. Yasgur in the foreground:

max barn

And here’s the interior of the barn now…

613 west shore road bethel ny2

613 west shore road bethel ny3

613 west shore road bethel ny4

613 west shore road bethel ny5

613 west shore road bethel ny6

Beds: 8

Baths: 1 full, 5 half

Square Feet: 17,750

Lot Size: 10 acres

Taxes: $15,346

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